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Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hari Kemerdekaan dan Terjemahannya

Pidato adalah kata-kata yang disampaikan dan ditujukan kepada orang banyak. Pidato banyak jenisnya diantaranya, pidato sambutan yang disampaikan pada awal sebuah acara atau pidato kenegaraan yang disampaikan oleh Presiden. Pidato yang baik dapat memberikan suatu kesan positif bagi orang-orang yang mendengar pidato tersebut. Kemampuan berpidato atau berbicara yang baik di depan publik atau umum dapat membantu untuk mencapai jenjang karir yang baik. ..Kumpulan Pidato Lengkap

Adapun unsur-unsur dalam pidato yaitu:

  1. Pendahuluan
  2. Salam pembuka
  3. Sapaan
  4. Puji syukur
  5. Isi pidato
  6. Penutup pidato
  7. Salam penutup

Ciri pidato yang baik

Mengutip dari situs Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Kemdikbud), berikut adalah ciri-ciri pidato yang baik:

  • Tujuan pidatonya jelas

Sebelum menyusun teks dan berpidato, harus ditentukan terlebih dahulu tujuan jelas yang ingin dicapai. Tujuan tersebut bisa bersifat mengajak, memberi tahu atau menginformasikan, melaporkan berbagai hal, dan lain sebagainya.

Contoh tujuan pidato yang jelas, yaitu pidato ditujukan untuk menyadarkan serta mengajak masyarakat untuk selalu menerapkan gaya hidup yang bersih dan sehat.

  • Isi pidato memuat kebenaran

Pidato dilakukan di depan orang lain atau di depan umum, maka dari itu penting untuk menyusun isi pidato berdasarkan kebenaran, seperti menyampaikan data atau temuan fakta.

Tujuannya agar tidak menjadi kabar bohong. Contohnya jika berpidato tentang gaya hidup sehat, bisa diberi data penting yang bersumber dari hasil penelitian.

  • Pidato disampaikan dengan jelas dan menarik

Pidato harus disampaikan dengan cara yang jelas dan menarik. Agar pendengar bisa tetap fokus dan lebih mudah memahami isi teks pidato. Contohnya dengan menggunakan bahasa yang mudah dimengerti dan tidak bertele-tele.

  • Intonasi, artikulasi serta volume harus jelas

Dalam penyampaian pidato, penggunaan bahasa sangat penting. Namun, hal ini harus diikuti dengan intonasi, artikulasi serta volume yang jelas.

Contohnya intonasi saat berpidato dengan memperhatikan tanda baca. Artikulasi saat berpidato, misalnya melafalkan huruf konsonan dan vokal dengan jelas. Volume harus disesuaikan, kapan harus keras atau semangat dan kapan harus pelan.

  • Penyampaian pidato disesuaikan dengan latar belakang pendengarnya

Latar belakang pendengar harus diketahui terlebih dahulu sebelum berpidato. Hal ini diperlukan untuk menentukan penggunaan bahasa, tujuan, tema pidato, serta gaya penyampaian.

Contohnya jika berpidato di depan anak-anak, gaya penyampaiannya harus lebih cerita serta bahasanya harus lebih mudah dimengerti. Sedangkan jika berpidato di depan orang dewasa, gaya penyampaiannya lebih formal dan menggunakan bahasa baku.

  • Suasa efektif saat berpidato

Saat berpidato, suasana efektif sebisa mungkin harus diciptakan. Misalnya tema pidato tentang ajakan memberantas korupsi, maka orator (orang yang berpidato) harus menyampaikannya dengan menggebu-gebu agar pendengarnya juga ikut bersemangat.

Berikut Contoh Pidatonya:


  Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hari Kemerdekaan dan Terjemahannya


and all the best wishes to all of my honorable fellow countrymen, and to all the honorable invitation guests.

As a matter of first importance, how about we say our acclaim and appreciation to God the One, because of His energy that permits us to get together in this lovely day and event to praise the 70th Proclamation and Independence Day of Republic of Indonesia.

August 17 1945 is an extremely recorded day for Indonesian individuals. Through a long adventure Mr. Soekarno and Mr. Hatta declared Indonesian national freedom on that day in 1945 with the aides of the considerable number of battles of compatriots of Indonesia.

Going after the autonomy for our country was not a simple assignment. Accordingly, we must ensure and keep up this autonomy with all that we have in our energy. Many deterrents upset our country amid our endeavors keeping in mind the end goal to turn into a free, popularity based, and prosperous country. Thusly, Government of Republic of Indonesia today decides the point of this festival of Independence Day, as takes after: ‘With the Spirit of Proclamation of August 17 1945 We All Carry Out the Mandate of General Election Year 2004 to Build Indonesia Which Are United, Developing, and Democratic’.

The execution of straightforward, reasonable, clean, and secure General Election quite a long while past had been supplemented by numerous nations and components from everywhere throughout the world. That was some sort of accomplishment for Indonesia to avert those judgments of others nations that said Indonesia was a country who wouldn’t have the capacity to run majority rule government.

To all my noteworthy individual comrades,

I assume we have to return to the theme about our reciprocal relationship between Indonesia – Australia which is constantly in view of the standards of acknowledging, comprehension, and taking point of preference one another. This respective relationship of late is truly satisfying despite the fact that there are a few issues with respect to the associations of Australia in East Timor, overcoming dark workers, terrorism, and others.

In the field of safeguard and security, government ought to continue fabricating the relationship of participation and being included in different exercises which are “certainty building measures”. What’s more, ideally, through the area of instruction and tourism, the sentiment welcoming one another will develop well in the middle of Indonesian and Australian individuals.

To every one of the understudies and collegians, I advance once again to use the accessible chance to think about and add to the respective relationship between our country and Australia. What’s more, the last, I likewise might want to bid the greater part of the Indonesian individuals in Australia to join in going after the great objectives of General Electing we will be directing on September. Utilize you’re perfectly fine you could to choose the competitors of president and VP with the greater part of your heart.

That is all from me. Permit me to put an end of this discourse by saying, “Long live Republic of Indonesia! When Independent Forever!”

Wassalamu’alaikum wr.

Naskah Pidato Kemerdekaan (2)

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Give us a chance to acclaim and Thanks to Almighty God. Who has gave effortlessness and direction to every one of us, along these lines, we can accumulate in this room in solid. I need to thank you for the open door given to me to convey a discourse with the topic the part of the more youthful era in the freedom of Indonesia. The glad gathering of people Today we are commending our autonomy day.

Did you know 70 years prior before we battled to the detriment of individuals and their belonging to repulse the intruders from our territory? They battle with exceptionally intense in seizing and shielding the autonomy of our nation from the hands with raised arms and in the midst of a hail of lead. The greater part of that is defeated one reason and that is to our country’s freedom. The glad gathering of people The freedom that we have possessed the capacity to as of now does not imply that our battle has been finished. Exactly as of now, we ought to endeavor to keep up and renew the autonomy of Indonesia. We are as a country of Indonesia, especially the more youthful era has an essential part for the advancement and peace of our nation.

This is on account of the more youthful era is the point of our present battle. On the other hand, the way that the more youthful era now for the most part being independence, being gratification and had a low of patriotism’s spirit. Clearly this is a gigantic issue for our country, what will turn into our country of this era are losing the qualities a respectable character, soul to live respectively, help one another and between one another. The cheerful group of onlookers With a high soul of patriotism, as youthful era, we can proceed with the battle of the saints that have been credited to us. In the event that they used to be battled with weapons, we battle with books and stationery to battle for the populace of Indonesia.

We ought to be constantly hopeful and constantly willing to give the best to our dearest country. So we can make it work and learn, advancing and in addition the country’s name and round out the fragrance of Indonesia freedom with also. The soul of patriotism and patriotism is high inside of us.

The glad group of onlookers, As individual, I understand that I can’t maintain a strategic distance from the mix-ups, so I apologize to all of you. What’s more, I bear in mind to express profound gratitude such a great amount for your pleasant consideration. Long experience my Indonesia!

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb



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