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Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Anime

Pidato adalah suatu ucapan dengan susunan yang baik untuk disampaikan kepada orang lain dalam jumlah yang banyak . contoh pidato yaitu pidato kenegaraan, pidato pembangkit semangat, pidato peringatan hari sumpah pemuda dan lain sebagainya.Pidato yang baik dapat memberikan suatu kesan positif bagi orang-orang yang mendengar pidato tersebut. Kemampuan berpidato atau berbicara yang baik didepan upublik atau umum dapat membantu untuk mencapai jenjang karir yang baik.


Pidato juga dikatakan sebagai penyampaian pikiran secara lisan di depan penonton atau pendengar. Tujuan pidato dapat dibagi menjadi tiga, yaitu:

  • Informatif

Pidato informatif bertujuan untuk memberikan informasi kepada pembaca atau pendengar. Berupa petunjuk tentang sesuatu, pengarahan tentang masalah tertentu, dan penjelasan tentang obyek tertentu.

  • Rekreatif

Pidato rekreatif bertujuan untuk menghibur para pendengar. Saat menyampaikan pidato, orator perlu menyelipkan beberapa hiburan, sehingga pidato yang disampaikan dapat tercapai.

  • Persuasif

Tujuan pidato persuasif adalah untuk memengaruhi para pendengar. Pada saat menyampaikan informasi, orator perlu memengaruhi atau mengajak.

Sehingga informasi yang disampaikan dapat diterima dan dilaksanakan oleh pendengar dalam kehidupannya sehari-hari.


Persiapan pidato

Sebelum berpidato didepan umum ada hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan dan siapkan diantaranya adalah

  1. Mengetahui wawasan pendengar pidato secara umum
  2. Mengetahui lama waktu atau durasi pidato yang akan dibawakan.
  3. Menyusun kata-kata yang mudah dipahami dan dimengerti.
  4. Mengetahui jenis pidato melalui tema acara,
  5. Menyiapkan bahan-bahan dan perlengkapan pidato dan lain sebagainya.

Kriteria Berpidato yang Baik

  1. Isinya sesuai dengan apa yang sedang berlangsung
  2. Bermanfaat bagi pendengar
  3. Isinya jelas dan benar serta objektif
  4. Menggunakan bahasa yang mudah dimengerti
  5. Tersampaikan secara baik dan benar

Berikut Contoh Pidatonya:


Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Anime


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Good morning everyone. Maybe in this room well known what is anime. Anime is animation that made by japanese, or maybe we can call it Japanese animation. Its different from cartoon. they are often sophisticated, sometimes violent and frequently have adult themes. You wont find the likes tom and jerry in this film. Instead, youll see complex stories including love, growing up and female empowerment. In japan itself, development of anime is like mushroom. They are everywhere,i mean a anime production, shop, merchandise,and many event in jepang with anime theme and because of that, a half of movies and television programs produced in Japan are animation, or anime as it is better known. Anime was popular in Asia, europe, america,and australia. In indonesia it self, anime has many of enthusiatism. Because of that anime,indirectly japan as well known in all over the world. i think thats is interesting, so, in this chance, i will talk about anime as charm of japan country in international relationship. I have 3 part that i will talk about, firstly is anime in japan itself. Secondly, anime in international, and thirdly anime as japan diplomacy.

According to wikipedia, The history of anime began at the start of the 20th century, when Japanese filmmakers experimented with the animation techniques that were being explored in the West. In the 1930s the Japanese government began enforcing cultural nationalism. This also lead to a strict censorship and control of published media. Many animators were urged to produce animations which enforced the Japanese spirit and national affiliation. More animated films were commissioned by the military. This time, anime as land of bussines. We can say that anime production is somethink that benefit in japan. Anime in japan is somethink must to be consumptions by youth society in japan, its same like the body which needed a food. Beside that, anime in japan has transform into japanese culture. Its like symbol of japanese culture in art factor. furthermore Many design of fashion in japan was adapted from anime series or movie. Or in anime language thats called by cosplay costum.proved, have the greatest impact on boosting tourism and stimulate the interests of anime and Harajuku fashion aficionados around the world. So anime in japan is one of symbol japan itself, and furthermore, its a bussines enterprise that certainly benefiting in japan.

The popularity of manga and anime in Japan has produced numerous characters that have become global icons and international art and cultural phenomenon. I think why anime is so popular in international is because another animation film who made by another country beside japan is less interesting than anime. As anime expands to non-Japanese markets such as the United States and Europe,and because of that the cycle of cultural influence inevitably extends into these markets. Thus, some Western animation companies have produced works of some anime resemblance. The Animatrix and the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender were influenced by anime. Other animated series such as Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans have at least a few anime characteristics. While these animated series are not considered to be anime, they do show some characteristics found in typical anime. In addition, Cartoon Network co-produced anime, such as IGPX with Japanese directors. France and Canada have also started to produce anime-inspired shows such as Totally Spies! (France), Martin Mystery (Canada/France/Germany), Code Lyoko (France) and Team Galaxy (France).because of that sometime american or europian people make event that having a theme is anime. Its proof that anime was influence some sector of international society. This phenomenom influence too in our country, indonesia. Start with group in network society, in society, a store, and in fact, indonesia has magazine of anime and japan culture. Cosplay competition is event that always arrange in each year. So not just in japan, anime has influence in international. Thats way to satisfying anime fan in the world, japan each year made The Tokyo International Anime Fair which is one of the largest anime trade fairs in the world, held annually in Japan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has recently made an extensive push to preserve and promote Japanese culture abroad. According to yahoo, in march 20th, Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura appointed Doraemon as "anime ambassador," Komura told the doll, with an unidentified person inside, that he hoped he would widely promote Japanese animated cartoons, or "anime." He say :

"Doraemon, I hope you will travel around the world as an anime ambassador to deepen people’s understanding of Japan so they will become friends with Japan,"

This year, the ministry plans to arrange showings of a Doraemon film in Singapore, China, Spain, France, and at other Japanese diplomatic missions around the world. hello kitty too, Minister of soil, infrastructure, and minister of commonication and tourism appointment Hello Kitty to be puller of another tourist from another country. The appointment is part of Japan’s recent effort to harness the power of pop culture in diplomacy. Japan also created an International Manga Award last year under comic enthusiast former Foreign Minister, who likened it to a "Nobel Prize" for an artist working abroad.

Not only actor of anime, the Japanese government decided to send the idol, or we can say she is the virtual idol, hatsune miku, whose the first virtual idol in japan and her cosplayers to Thailand to meet up with a group of cosplay fans in an effort to further cultural relations.

So anime is not just be entertainment in japan, but also can be a way for diplomacy. Through public diplomacy by doraemon, hello kitty, hatsune miku and cosplay, japan is clever to run his soft power. Japan success to use pop animation culture whose be symbol of japan culture. More over, thats is proof that japan chooce soft power diplomacy as the main diplomacy in their country. Its defferent in indonesia, visit indonesia is just show their leader picture in their poster in every where. So i think we must more creatif than we use be.


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