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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kelulusan S1

Pidato adalah suatu kegiatan berupa ucapan dengan susunan yang baik untuk menyampaikan gagasan kepada orang banyak. Pidato bertujuan untuk mempengaruhi orang lain agar mengikuti kemauan atau maksud kita dengan suka rela. Pidato juga merupakan suatu kegiatan untuk berorasi di depan umum...Kumpulan Pidato Lengkap

Adapun unsur-unsur dalam pidato yaitu:

  1. Pendahuluan
  2. Salam pembuka
  3. Sapaan
  4. Puji syukur
  5. Isi pidato
  6. Penutup pidato
  7. Salam penutup

Ciri-ciri pidato yang baik adalah:

  1. Pidato harus memiliki tujuan yang jelas.
  2. Sebuah pidato harus mengandung atau memuat kebenaran.
  3. Penyampaian pidato harus jelas dan semenarik mungkin.
  4. Pidato harus bersifat efektif, dapat diselingi dengan humor.
  5. Penyampaian pidato menggunakan artikulasi, intonasi, dan volume yang terang dan jelas.

Metode-metode dalam membawakan pidato yaitu:

  1. Metode memoriter yaitu menghafal naskah.
  2. Metode ekstemporan yaitu membuat catatan kecil berisi garis besar pidato.
  3. Metode naskah yaitu dengan cara membaca naskah yang telah disiapkan.
  4. Metode impromtu yaitu spontanitas atau serta merta tanpa adanya persiapan.

Jenis-jenis pidato adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Pidato yang bersifat persuasif
  2. Pidato yang bersifat rekreatif
  3. Pidato yang bersifat informatif
Tujuan pidato adalah untuk memberikan pemahaman dan informasi kepada orang lain secara massal dengan berorasi di depan umum. Selain itu, pidatojuga dapat berfungsi untuk membuat orang lain senang dan terhibur dengan apa yang kita sampaikan

Berikut Contoh Pidatonya:


Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kelulusan S1

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh

Good Morning

Best wishes for all of us


Wisudawan wisudawati

Civitas Akademi STIK Immanuel Bandung

Ketua STIK Immanuel Bandung

Ketua Yayasan Perguruan Tinggi Greja Kristen Pasundan

Ketua Majelis Sinode atau yang mewakili

Ketua Kopertis Wilayah IV atau yang mewakili

Ketua Dinas Kesehatan Jawa Barat atau yang mewakili

I pray my gratitude to Allah SWT, because with Allahs permission i can stand up in front of you, also big thank to master ceremony for giving this valuable chance.

Finally after 3 until 4 years, all of us can finish this study with full of joy and sorrow. We will go to the new gate there are a lot of new challenging things, even for me and my SAs friend still have to study 1 year again. The most important thing for this stage there were GRADUATED. I congratulate us for the achievement you get today. Anything our graduation title, we admit that are the best result you get. Look, today not only you to have smile happily but also peoples around us who support us from behind can smile happily too. Because essentially, the think can make us happy is their happiness.

My graduate friends,

In this good chance, let me to say something. The first thing is the competition for Jobs. Limited job opportunities and a lot of medical graduate, we sued to be more creative in utilize the existing opportunities. Moreover, we also can not continue to rely on job opportunities. We should not continue for find a job, but we have to open Job opportunities. Not easy, but i am sure we could change our mindset of an employee becoming an entrepreneur. Maybe you have heard there is an assumption that successful entrepreneurship just belong to those who has Dropped Out from College or School. That phrase is actually wrong. Probably that phrase came because a lot of famous people like Steve Jobs, bill gates, and Mark Zuckerberg have successful and begin from they were Dropped out from School. However, that is not the actual value to be capture. Value should be taken from the story is the people who can not finish they school can be successful, so how about us? We could more successful than them.

The second thing is i want to suggest for all my firend who be able and have opportunity to continue your study to higher levels. I remember of Speech from Steve Jobs at Standford University graduation, 12th of June, 2005. He said, Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. Do not ever feel satisfied with what we get right now because actually we can get better from now and also keep feel stupid so we always want to learn and learn again. You can continue to Magister school for my SAs friends after completing profession program or for my firends from Diploma you can join extend Bachelor Program. Currently, so many Colleges in Indonesia. But Indonesia still have a litle master and doctoral Lecture so it can influence the quality of Education in Indonesia. At this time, so many domestic and foreign scholarships offer from DIKTI, university, or foreign institution to give us more opportunity to continue our study. If you are not lucky, keep work with independent cost, hopefully if we are work hard there is a way for all of them. Remember this quote there is a will there is a way.

Ladies and gentlemen, so much experience, knowledge, relationships that were given by STIKI. All of that could not separated from the role of my mentors in this STIKI, that are my beloved Lecturer. You become my way of life in my second home. You dare to drop us into misty valley to look down even when we are afraid.

My first home is more amazing. I can find the figure of friendship of my father. Also i can find the figure of a guardian angel inside my mother. They always give encourage when i was no longer able to continue this study.

My friends whom i love, in this opportunity let me to big apologize if many mistakes i have done to you. I do not mean no hurt anyone, its just probably the way i do is wrong. Also thank you for being the best friends of my life.

My beloved lecture, do not worry about us. Although there are still many deficiency in our ability, but you must believe that we can fight and survive without your guidance anymore. I am sure, next will be more difficult from now. But, with Allahs blessing and with your prayer and our desire to keep our parents happy, we are sure will be stronger than anything. Wish us luck, and see you in the future.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Before i close this speech, let me to say one quote and hopefully can motivate all of you, Success came from honest people, so to be honest in your words, act and attitude. May Allah always be with us.

Thereby speech from me

Let us fight for our dream, our parents dream, and Indonesian dream

Lets be creative people and honest

For God, Nation, and Almamater



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